Flexitarian food Retailers take note: the flexitarian movement is going strong. In Whole Foods Market’s latest Trends Council report, ‘reducetarianism’ was dubbed a top trend to watch for 2022, perfect for “plant-curious eaters” who aren’t ready to give up meat entirely. The plant-based food sector is certainly growing – onlineContinue Reading

Sabudana Khichdi INGREDIENTS: * 1 ½ cups Sabudana Soaked * 2 tbsp vegetable oil * 1 ½ tsp cumin seeds * 2 sprigs curry leaves * 2 green chilli * ½ cup raw peanuts (Optional) * Salt to taste * 2 tbsp cilantro (Optional) TIME: Soaking time: 2 hours CookContinue Reading

Kosambari or koshambari is a typical south Indian salad made from pulses (split legumes) and seasoned with mustard seeds.[1] The pulses generally used are split bengal gram (kadale bele in Kannada) and split Green gram (Hesaru bele in Kannada). These salads are sometimes eaten as snacks, but usually as aContinue Reading

Upma,Khara Bath or uppittu is a dish originating from the Indian subcontinent, most commonly consumed in Karnataka as a breakfast, cooked as a thick porridge from dry-roasted semolina or coarse rice flour.Various seasonings and/or vegetables are often added during the cooking, depending on individual preferences. Today it is popular inContinue Reading

Dosas are a common dish in South Indian cuisine, but have become popular all over the Indian subcontinent in recent times. Traditionally, dosas are served hot along with chutney and in recent times sambar. Other accompaniments include chutney powder (a fine groundnut and lentil powder). The origins of Dosa haveContinue Reading

The Hotel Industry is a key pillar of bothdomestic and International Tourism.Globally, it is considered as a majorcontributor to GDP, foreign exchangeearnings, creation of jobs as well as thebiggest multiplicator of jobs. In Indiaespecially, the hotel industry is a key driverof jobs especially through 90% if its inventorywhich is inContinue Reading

Elevators, like all transportationequipment, require maintenance tooperate reliably. An operational elevatoris an important safety element of yourbuilding. It avoids the risks involved inthe use of stairs and is essential for thetransport of elderly and disable person’s.Preventive maintenance will help youensure a safe and continuously workingelevator for the occupants in yourbuilding.WithContinue Reading

A popular ingredient finding its way in every Indian kitchen, cashew nuts originated in Brazil.Cashews are famous throughout the world for their delicate flavor and extraordinary healthbenefits. They contain heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, including oleic and palmitoleic acids.These are essential fatty acids that have been associated with lower levels of unhealthyContinue Reading

Govt. moves to revamp the FoodSafety and Standards Authority ofIndia Synopsis.The ministry of health and familywelfare has framed Food Safety andStandards (Amendment) Bill 2020 andintroduced 70 amendments in the 2006Act to revamp FSSAI functioning and itsjurisdiction.The government has also proposed tomake the Act more stringent prescribingenhanced penalties for violations,including manufactureContinue Reading