Elevators, like all transportation
equipment, require maintenance to
operate reliably. An operational elevator
is an important safety element of your
building. It avoids the risks involved in
the use of stairs and is essential for the
transport of elderly and disable person’s.
Preventive maintenance will help you
ensure a safe and continuously working
elevator for the occupants in your
With proper Elevator maintenance you
Ensure better safety for elevator users;
retain the value of your investment.
Increase the longevity of your elevator.
Ensure a more comfortable ride for
elevator users. Reduce the number of
elevator stoppages due to breakage.
“Bitterness of bad quality lasts long
after the sweetness of low price is long
Do’s and Don’ts
• Don’t allow unauthorized entry of
people into elevator machine room.
• Don’t try to open the door until the
elevator has stopped fully.
• Don’t put your fingers /clothing across
the door when the elevator is running.
• Don’t allow children to travel in
elevator alone.
• Don’t panic if you happen to get stuck
inside the elevator for whatsoever
reason. Be patient, you are safe.
Press alarm or intercom button to call
for help.
• Don’t smoke inside the elevator.
• Don’t allow children to play inside the
• Don’t try to enter the elevator when
the elevator doors are closing.
• Don’t use Trolleys with small wheels
it may get stuck between car and
landing sills. Heavy loads on small
wheels can exert enough pressure to
damage the sills. Use vehicles with
large wheels

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