Focaccia bread – The viral cloud bread

Quarantine gave rise to several viral food trends on social media with people experimenting and sharing their version of it on various platforms. Be it the wonderful Foccacia bread or rich and velvety Dalgona espresso, netizens went gaga over these food patterns. Also, exactly when we believed that we are out of the quarantine headache, there is another food pattern which is getting eyeballs via web-based media called the ‘cloud bread’. The feathery bread is outwardly capturing without a doubt and unquestionably entices you to eat up one

It can be made with ingredients which are easily available and doesn’t consume much of your time. All you need are eggs white, sugar, corn flour and food colours to make it more interesting. We share simple steps to make these fluffy cloud breads at home.


1. Whip the egg whites in a grease free bowl until it turns frothy.

2. Add sugar while whipping and stop whipping it only when you see the foam coming.

3. Add cornstarch and mix it well till there are no lumps. The density should be thick.

4. Repeat the process with three different food colour.

5. Place it on a parchment paper and bake it.


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